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Pipe Inspection & Repair

With over 25 years in the utilities and construction industry, our NASCCO-certified operators are equipped with the latest technologies to safely perform inspections, maintenance, repairs, and re-inspections.

What sets us apart?

Our deep expertise in utilities and grading and years of experience gives us the unique perspective of knowing what it takes to deploy effective systems that pass inspection. We know that our customers need a valuable partner who can— not only inspect and identify potential issues—but also repair and re-inspect the system to save time and costs. Equipped with 3 mainline CCTV systems, a combination jetter/vac truck, vac trailer, and jetter trailer, and point repair trailer—we have the tools for any size job.

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Our Services

CCTV Pipe Inspection:

Our team can alert you of any potential risks including pipe structure collapse, blockages, or deterioration to prevent costly emergency repairs. With the data collected during the inspection, we provide a detailed report outlining our recommendations for any further maintenance or repair.

With regular pipe inspections, municipalities and engineers can rest assured that their systems are operating properly. 

Hydro Excavation:

Mechanical digging around fiber optic lines, gas lines, and water mains carries a high risk for damage. Instead, our team uses a hydrovac system that effectively blasts high pressure water to break up the soil and a powerful vacuum to simultaneously remove the soil as it is excavated.

Interrupted utilities bring inconveniences and high costs. Minimize the risk with our hydro excavation service.

Vacuum and Jetting:

Regular cleaning increases pipe carrying capacity, prevents sewer overflows, and reduces the need for costly repairs. Our jetting system eliminates blockages by safely and effectively blasting through buildup using high pressure water.

Pipeline cleaning is performed before any repairs are made to ensure effective rehabilitation.

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Trenchless & Open Cut Repair:

Open Cut Repair:

Where damaged pipes can be accessed from above, excavating to expose and repair the pipe before backfilling is a common practice – and often the least costly.


Trenchless Repair:

In instances where trenching may not feasible (where pipes are under roads, buildings, sidewalks, etc.), our team can locate and structurally repair damaged pipes from within, without having to dig from above.

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